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Then, for terminals you wish to reach out Wise Option program and database you will need a drive map on each local computer, pointing to that shared folder on the server. Terminals will run the application from the server, not locally and that is the moment when Microsoft SMB file sharing is needed. Additionally, you will have to run an install wizard on each terminal. That wizard does not contain neither the Wise Option application nor the Wise Option database.

Sometimes extra set ups are needed if you have other protection schemas such as Norton and McAfee.

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For those, please contact those vendor websites and customer support directly. We will be glad to speak with your network people and provide more details as needed. Network Port for MB Ethernet;. Learn more about Stable Secretary Stable Secretary organizes equine information and records with easy-to-use, cloud-based, online software and a mobile app. Learn more about VIA Practice management solution allows veterinarians to stay in control of their critical medical, financial and back-office information.

Paddock Pro by Alua Software 4 reviews. Learn more about Paddock Pro Makes horse farms more efficient and organized by handling all your business needs.

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  • Learn more about equineGenie Manages your horses, business operations, financials with accounting, customer billing and invoicing, administration. The PonyApp by PonyApp 2 reviews. HorseWorks by Equivision 2 reviews. Learn more about HorseWorks Horse management software with record keeping, veterinary, farrier, breeding and financial data tracking. Ardex Premier by Ardex Technology 1 review. Learn more about Ardex Premier Ardex Technology produces horse racing software, horse breeding software, horse management software and vet solutions.

    EquineM by EquineM 1 review. Learn more about EquineM Digital stable management is an online software solution that enables you to run your stable more efficiently. Learn more about Horse Farm Management System A management tool for keeping horse inventory, billing and accounts receivable information for board, breeding and health records.

    HorseNotes by Palidia 1 review. Learn more about HorseNotes Online and desktop horse and stable management software for keeping track of records, schedules, and more. Prism by Prism 1 review.

    Learn more about Prism Worlds most advanced racing platform, allowing trainers, syndicators and owners to manage all facets of their business. StableMaster by StableMaster 1 review. Learn more about StableMaster Horse, riding centre and stable management software solution that is cloud hosted.

    BarnPro by Rainier Myst Software 0 reviews. Learn more about BarnPro Horse management and cattle management software for Windows with integrated accounting and invoicing.

    Equine Management Software

    Breeders App by Breeders App 0 reviews. Equi-Journal by Equi-Journal 0 reviews. Learn more about Equi-Journal Complete horse record keeping system used by many large and small ranches, AI centers, training and boarding facilities. Equicty by Equicty 0 reviews. Learn more about Equicty Equicty delivers digital stable management solutions.

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    Equine Companion by EquineCompanion 0 reviews. Learn more about Equine Companion Equine Companion lets you use our customized calendar to keep track of lessons, appointments, and employee shifts. Equisoft Assistant by Equisoft 0 reviews. Equisoft Live by Equisoft Live 0 reviews. Learn more about Equisoft Live A tool for keeping horse records, reporting, ledger, automatic creation of invoices. GaitKeeper by Equussoft 0 reviews. Learn more about General Horse Show Software A general purpose software package that will organize and report on any horse show that requires timing or scoring.

    Learn more about Horse Cents Installation-based software for equine businesses that helps keep track of expenses incurred in the management of farms and stables. Learn more about Horse Show for Windows A program designed to assist organizations in the horse show scoring, ranking, and management of competition events.

    Learn more about HorseBiz Manage breeding activities, training costs, feed purchases, farrier visits, show records and awards, veterinarian visits and much more. HorSense by Horsense shop 0 reviews. Learn more about HorSense E-commerce platform which was created exclusively for the horse tack market, fully customized individually for each client. Learn more about HSS A program for professional horse show management featuring document scanning, scoring, invoicing and reporting.

    Learn more about ipaddoc Monitoring system that can efficiently provide information about athletic and health performance of your horse. Learn more about PM Online Globetrotter A program with am extensive horse database for finding breeding matches,currency conversion and reporting functionality.

    Horse Software

    Learn more about ShowPro Horse Show Software Horse show management software with accounting integration and class management functionality that supports multiple breed types. SpeedFarms by ArcticTern 0 reviews. Learn more about SpeedFarms An online solution for managing all your farms and horses. StableMate by StableMate Systems 0 reviews. Learn more about StableMate The most comprehensive equine management software to help you manage your Thoroughbred and Non-thoroughbred equine operations.

    Sureshod Stable Management by Sureshod Services 0 reviews. Learn more about The Post Entry System Integrated accounting, stable management and mail tracking system with class scheduling and reporting capabilities. Today's Rancher by Ag Management Systems 0 reviews. Learn more about Today's Rancher Software used to manage every aspect of livestock operation, from tracking medical feeding, sales, and weaning weights.

    Wise Option by Wise Option 0 reviews. Pull an animal's detailed record on a laptop or tablet in seconds, and record any actions you perform. Newborn animals? No problem, enter them right there in the field. No more fighting over who lost the log book! Put your database in the hands of your ranch hands and keep your operation running smoothly as they make updates while working.

    Running equineGenie on a Mac:

    Not only that, all the information they need about the herd is right there in the palm of their hand. Finally, our native software runs on your device, not from a website. You will not need an Internet connection to use the software in remote areas.

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    An Internet connection is only needed when you need so synchronize your database, which you can do at your convenience. Have multiple types of livestock to manage? Our Ranch Manager Open software is especially tailored for you. Ranch Manager is designed to allow users the flexibility to combine various Livestock Modules depending on which species are a part of your operation example.: Different modules will be plugged into the software so you can your cows with yo0ur horses in one project accessible through separate icons for each type.

    You choose the Ranch Manager Modules you would like. Your data and your privacy are important to you and to us! The RM Cloud service encrypts any data from your database using uniquely generated encryption keys. Further, your data stays on your device! The primary purpose of our cloud service is a synchronization service, which means it is used to share data between devices. Once the data has been received by the targeted device, it is removed from the RM Cloud. We do offer an RM Cloud backup service.

    Use of the service is optional, but if you do decide to backup your project in our Cloud service, rest assured the data has been encrypted and is stored securely in our database. It all started with an old, lost herd book!

    How can a cattle operation run smoothly when you can't find your records? Paper note-taking was just not cutting it, so Ranch Manager software was born. For more of our story: Visit About Lion Edge Technologies.